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Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm Back

I realize it's been some time since I posted and many loyal readers have emailed me requesting a comeback. But the truth is I could never blog like I once did in Iraq and that's partly why I stopped. I felt like a couch general and didn't think my writing was doing any good. So I stopped blogging about the military and my struggles altogether. Blogging about Iraq also made it difficult for me to move on, to readjust to my new life. It just brought back too many difficult memories to deal with.

But now, I know how to cope with those memories thanks to the counseling I've received at the VA. And I feel like it's time to come back and blog about the military again. This time, I plan to write analysis on military media coverage.

Since I've been gone from the blogsphere, I've become a national freelance journalist working for MSN, Investor's Business Daily and many other national media. You can view my work at