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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Poem from a fallen soldier's sister: The American Soldier

Dedicated to my brother, Ryan David Jopek, serving in Iraq.

He has a strong heart
and great amount of stubborn pride
He's a brave one
and he shows it with every stride
I know he won't let us down
as he serves our country over
in a dangerous land
For, even though he won't admit it,
he's holding God's hand
He'll fight for their freedom
while helping us hold on to ours
Even though he may come back
with some frightening scars
I love this man,
they call an American Soldier
I love him,
is my brother

Jessica Lynn Jopek
Copyright ©2006 Jessica Jopek

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Lost a dear friend in Iraq

You may know Ryan Jopek this post, "The Son of Sammy." I am sad to report that he was killed two days ago in Iraq. He is the son of Staff Sgt. Brian Jopek aka Sammy. His death just breaks my heart. I will be going to see the family.