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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Two Iraqis

Both of them were blown from their seats by the blast, which they described as, “very powerful, lots of noise and heat.” The two Iraqi soldiers were both dazed. One of them could only hear a loud ringing sound in his ears. The other couldn’t believe his eyes: Every where he looked people were gasping for air or bleeding profusely. Before the two Iraqis lay a helpless American soldier, who staggered across the smoke-filled mess hall at first only to fall on the ground. They couldn’t understand a word coming out of the American’s mouth. They only saw the blood spewing from his leg.

These two men, both in their 20s, saw carnage caused by the very people they took an oath to defend Iraq against. These two men were proud Iraqis who were trained by U.S. Army Special Forces. These two men had seen enough people die at the hands of terrorists, and on December 21, 2004, they would do everything in their power to save every person they could.

The human body has several vital points. A sharp piece of metal to the jugular and a person is gone within seconds. A shot to the temple, a person will never even know what hit him. A slug to the heart or spleen and the person’s collection of memories will flash before his or her eyes in an instant. A hit to the femoral artery leaves a person minutes, maybe hours, but their final moments will be agonizing.

The suicide bomb sprayed bb-like fragments throughout the Marez dining facility. One piece of shrapnel sliced through the femoral artery of a U.S. soldier and his only chance for survival was in the hands of these two Iraqis.

Recalling the medical classes they’d received from the special forces, the Iraqis reacted calmly, fastening a belt above the wound, creating a tourniquet, which stopped the gushing stream of red. They moved the soldier to a MEDVAC vehicle via two-man litter carry. After they hoisted the soldier in the truck, the two Iraqis – one an officer, the other an NCO – ran back to the facility and began treating the other wounded without regard for their safety.

When the dust settled and the mess tent had been evacuated, everybody who could talk was questioned about their health. When the medics came to the two Iraqis, the ING soldiers only wanted to know how everybody else was. When asked why did they do it, they simply stated, “this was our duty; we are a team, and we take care of each other.” Even the Americans.

This country needs more people like these two Iraqi soldiers. If more shared their passion and determination, the terrorist’s fear tactics of beheadings, public killings and kidnappings would not work. If more believed in their vision of Iraq, there would be no fighting; there would only be encouragement for their fellow man and peace. If more people understood their sacrifices and followed their lead, this country would not be as dependent upon others. But they can’t single handily change their country, so they decisively lead by example without trepidation.

Rather than running, they stood strong and saved a man’s life. Because of them, somebody’s son is still breathing. Right now, the U.S. Army is trying to give these two Iraqis prestigious awards. But all the Iraqis want to do is check on the soldier they saved. “I just want to make sure he is OK.”

By now, the American, who is still in the hospital recovering, knows the story of the two Iraqis. And I’m sure he looks forward to the day he can look his Iraqi brother-at-arms in the eye and say, "Thanks for saving my life."


At 8:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the kind of story that needs to be on the front page of every newspaper and in the headlines of every news broadcast in our country and in Iraq..........any bets as to whether it makes it there or not?? It's a sad fact that the news people don't pick up the positive stories that bring any sense of hope to the situation over there. But, I hope, that in this case, they will. Thanks for telling it, least some of us will know about it.

At 8:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 8:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys and girls be real careful over there and come back soon. We don't see much of a positive side in the MSM but we are starting not to watch Tom, Peter and Dan anyway. The days of the talking heads will soon be over, we have found they have an agenda that is similar to the bad guys, we have a media 5th column in this country and slowly but surely they will be weeded out. You guys are the best of the best, come home safely. Ex-Army, NRA member.

At 9:04 PM, Blogger Chap said...

Thanks for this report. This is the kind of thing that needs put out.

Blogger doesn't let you comment like other sites--you have to "register" with them and even then it takes days to get set up sometimes. So you get lots of Anonymouses.

If you're in contact with any of the TV stations set up by Spirit of America, they'd want to know, I bet.

Keep on thriving and keep an eye out for CB for us...

At 10:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sgt. B. here...

No doubt there were many instances of valor in the wake of the bombing, but I was heartened to read abou these two Iraqi troopers pitching in with the same degree of effort as their American counterparts, and for the same reasons.
With American forces in the limelight, it's easy to forget that there are Iraqi military men (women too?) who are absolute lions as they try to wrest their country out of the grip of religious fanatics and their ilk.
I've no doubt that, once they have realized the length and breadth of their empowerment, the Iraqi people are going to bodily rise up and "throw the bums out..." themselves...
Too bad our vaunted MSM won't pursue THAT angle!


Sgt. B.

At 6:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was led to your site by PaPa Ray. I am very appreciative to him and to you for your blog. I agree with one of the other posts....we can't rely on the networks anymore. I would rather get the truth....and straight from the horse's mouth. I have you bookmarked and am spreading the word. Stay safe.

SE Missouri

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