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Monday, May 08, 2006

Support Bill Roggio

When somebody asks me for money and I don’t know them very well, my first thoughts are: “This is a crooked SOB.” I am such a cynic that I don’t believe anything until the ink is dried and the check has cleared. With that said, every now and then, I meet somebody makes me think outside of norm. One such feller is Bill Roggio, whom I met at the Milblogging conference.

Roggio is a former Marine who volunteered to go to Iraq as a civilian “blogger.” Much like Michael Yon, Roggio gave Americans uncensored an objective perspective and honest writing. But he didn’t earn a dime. While the N.Y. Times re-published Army press releases, Roggio risked his life by going out on patrols in Tikrit and other parts of Iraq. Meanwhile, all the other journalists received steady combat pay from their respective employers and were bedded up in their nice trailers in the Green Zone. But not Bill.

In fact, his readers paid for his way into Iraq. And now he wants to embed in Afghanistan. But he needs your help. Bill still has that Marine swagger; he’s just not receiving their combat pay. His service to our country is worth however many pennies you can spare.


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