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Thursday, March 17, 2005

So long Oklahoma

Oklahoma… it’s where I grew up and I have memories on nearly every corner from Oklahoma City to Midwest City to my hometown, Jones. But there’s not much left in this old state for me anymore, which is why I moved to Milwaukee a few years ago. Today, I will say goodbye to the family, who has been so supportive and encouraging throughout this readjusting period, and go back to my newfound homeland of Wisconsin. It’s a 16-hour drive, but with all the great sports talk radio about the NCAA tourney, it will be like taking a nap.

I’m bringing my cousin along with me to Mil town. He’s a good kid and wants to attend college in Beer town, so at least I’ll have family there with me now. As I say adios to my home state, I am a bit saddened. But my job and almost all of my friends are in Milwaukee. If you’ve never been there, it’s a great city. I am looking forward to seeing Lake Michigan again. But, I’m not looking forward to seeing my mom wipe away her tears as her oldest boy leaves her arms once more. At least this time, her boy isn’t going to war. This time, he’s going to his apartment on the Lake, where a bathroom cabinet of Brut and Old Spice awaits me.


At 11:24 AM, Anonymous Nicole said...

Hey Sminkie!

Glad to hear you're coming back to Mil-town! Was beginning to wonder if you were ever gonna come back. I'm sure everyone will be glad to have you back, especially those at BR...{i think the company went to hell when you went over...kidding...but, hey, it could happen!)

Glad you are working through everything, you've got a good head on your shoulders and you really know how to let it out how you're feeling. Keep your head up!

Sit back, relax, down a few cold ones, and maybe catch a glimpse of the tourney games.

And for Bad Grammar Guy, I'm glad he's gone!
Keep up the posts, they're great! Enjoy your ride and we're welcoming you back with open arms and a ton of snow!

-Nicole (teen from a small wisconsin town but a whole lot of heart)

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