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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Afghan school receives supplies

By Army Sgt. Phillip Chang
117th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

KABUL, Afghanistan – A pack of pink drawing paper, a set of multi-colored pencils and a backpack was all it took to put a smile on one student’s face in Afghanistan.

The student, Shkiba, was one of almost 250 in the Professional and Learning Foundation School for Disabled and Girls, to receive school supplies and shirts with the colors of the Afghan flag. Soldiers from the Afghan National Army distributed school supplies to students of the school in Kabul, Afghanistan, Thursday.

The school was chosen in recognition for the upcoming International Day of Disabled which is Dec. 3.The soldiers are part of the Directorate of Cultural and Religious Affairs. The supplies were donated from Command Forces Command–Afghanistan and the United States Assistance for International Development with participation from the International Security Assistance Force.

Present at the event was Sayed Mohmmad Hadi Hadi, Deputy Minister of Martyrs and Disabled, who also handed out supplies to students.During his speech, Hadi said, “I am thankful for the cooperation and coordination from ISAF and CFC-A.” He added, “I am also thankful for the donations for the students and disabled.” Suraya Omeri, director of the school, was also appreciative of the donations. “While the Taliban was in power, girls were not allowed to go to school. The school was founded to help the disabled and girls get their education” said Omeri. “These gifts will help the students in their progress.”

Students shared their thoughts with the Deputy Minister and director as they shook hands and acknowledged their thanks for the gifts.Muxgan Ahmadi, one of the attending students said, “We are thankful for the gifts of book bags and school supplies, these will help us learn.”

Romanian Lt. Col. Mircea A. Romocia and U.S. Army Lt. Col. Robert Roseman, members of the Ministry Engagement Team for CFC-A, coordinated the event.“This is an example of the Afghan government working together to support the Afghan people,” said Roseman after the event.

“We just came by to help the Ministry with its steps in providing for the next generation,” added Romocia.At the end of the ceremony, Shkiba handed one of the soldiers a sketch of a boy crying. “I wanted to show how it was here before we were free,” reflected Shkiba, as she was admiring her sketch before presenting the sketch. “This is also to show how happy I am now,” she added with pride.


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