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Friday, November 04, 2005

Soldiers' Angels

It’s popular to say, “I support the troops.” People slap a bumper sticker on the back of their car, and they feel they are showing a form of support, a gesture worth the stare of a passerby. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with publicizing support through a magnet, but one cannot label a bumper-sticker-only person a troop supporter. To me, these bumper stickers are nothing more than a fad that has no substance. A true troop supporter prays for people they don’t even know. A true troop supporter sends care packages. A true troop supporter volunteers at the local USO. A true supporter is a person who does something more than placing a bumper sticker on their car.

For those of you who have no clue what the military is like, people don’t join because they support George W. They don’t care about politics. Most servicemen join for their own reasons – college, money, benefits – but all end up serving something greater than themselves. And as citizens, I believe we must show gratitude to those who work hard to provide our freedoms.

Especially this holiday season…

The Holiday Season is not far away and thousands of America’s bravest men and women who are standing watch over our freedom will not be home to share this special time of year with their families and friends. Sadly, there are many other deployed soldiers who have no family to send them a package or even a card at this most special time of year. Many wounded will be celebrating in hospitals.
Soldiers’ Angels, an all-volunteer non-profit organization that provides support todeployed soldiers and wounded soldiers as well as their families, is hard at work on theirannual Holidays For Heroes stocking drive, where stockings stuffed with small butwelcomed items are sent to soldiers who are deployed in the Middle East combat areasand hospital units.
Cash donations are needed to purchase supplies as well as to help with shipping thestockings to the Middle East. Also needed are Holiday Stockings (homemade withspecial decorations and messages are wonderful, store bought is also great) as well as thelittle presents to stuff inside such as:
- Individual packets of hot chocolate, cider or hot soup mix…- Candy (bite sized, individually wrapped, all kinds)- AT&T Phone Cards (asking for this brand because it works in the Middle Eastarea)- Hand held games (playing cards, battery games with batteries, please)- Small puzzle books- Miniature Menorah- Small, signed Holiday cards from you and your families simply addressed toSoldiers or Heroes. Homemade Cards are Welcome! Be sure to enclose yourname and addressThis is the perfect project for a church, school, club, business, family or for any group toget involved and to participate!
Tax deductible cash donations to Soldiers’ Angels, a 501 ( c) (3) organization, can bemade by going to the Soldiers’ Angels website at and clicking onthe Donations button to donate using Paypal or by sending a check to:Soldiers’ Angels, 1792 E. Washington Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91104Please make checks payable to Soldiers’ Angels and make a notation that the check is forthe Holiday Spirit For Heroes fund.
For drop-off locations or questions, please contact:
Becky Morton - - (336) 227-5621Jamie Hedman – - (214) 507-3263Judi Burns - - (615) 676-0239


At 1:36 PM, Blogger kbug said...

well said, Casanova. I know you spent last Thanksgiving and Christmas in Iraq, very far from home. Seth will be there this Christmas, as will many others who are going with him. It won't be the first time he's been away from home for the holidays due to serving in the military, but it will be the first time he's been in a war zone during that time. Packages, cards, and letters mean so much when they're away from home. It lets them know that they are not forgotten. God bless them all!!!

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At 9:00 AM, Blogger Chris said...

Every month my wife and I donate items for care packages that are sent to our local National Guard unit that is currently deployed to Iraq. Every month I also place letters written by me to soldiers thanking them for the service. My wife usually buys baby wipes and hygiene products, and occassionaly I will slip a new issue of Playboy in a box. One time I was caught with the magazine and the Sgt. that was standing over me watching just smiled and turned his head. It might not be much, but we do what we can.


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