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Friday, May 06, 2005

Great blogger

This is a link to perhaps the best journalist-type blogger I've ever read. He's in Mosul and is the fellow who took the picture of the soldier holding the wounded child. You have to read Michael Yon's perspective; he's a very passionate writer.


At 11:31 PM, Blogger Brian H said...

Agree. Read all his archives. He's been great since the get-go.

At 3:47 AM, Blogger devildog6771 said...

Yes he is a great writer. I was so touched by his picture of the child and the American Soldier!

At 10:10 AM, Blogger strykeraunt said...

I too have read his archives and agree that he is the best imbedded journalist-type blogger (oops, I think he's the only one of his kind). In addition to his awesome ability to write, he appears to have a deeper understanding of the circumstances than the average civilian imbedded (or non imbedded) reporter.

At 6:14 AM, Anonymous Dr. Jack Shepard said...

Dr. Jack Shepard says; "The Government of Ariel Sharon is looking for excuses and false creating a raise in tensions and to depart from implementing the Sharm (el-Sheikh) understandings."

visit:, People for Peace group
visit: Gush Shalom Peace Movement- English
Dr. Jack Shepard says; Policies of Ariel Sharon's Government continues to condone the Murder of Palestinian children is seen again; by the murder of two Palestinian boys who were shot dead point blank by an Army Captain on May 4, 2005.
American President George W. Bush and Palestinian President Abu Mazen needs a new Israeli Leader who really wishes peace!
Ariel Sharon’s policies are now responsible for a major increase in anti-Semitism Worldwide.
As important Ariel Sharon's Policies are responsible for a major increase in hatred toward all Americans in general and has caused a major increase in suicide bombers recruitment; which is evident in a dramatic increase of suicide bombings which continue to kill our American Soldiers servicing in Iraq.
The killing of two Palestinian boys, aged 14 and 15, in Beit-Lakiya village on May 4, 2005; was once again seen worldwide on Arab Satellite TV spreading like wild-fire hatred for America and my fellow Americans.The murdering of Palestinian Children in cold blood like this only supports the Islamic terrorists recruiting which now is responsible for the dramatic increase of suicide bombing in Iraq these past weeks.
The continuation of these violent policies of Ariel Sharon makes the success of our Mission in Iraqi impossible and place the future safety of Israel in question. Ariel Sharon’s policies like these are costing us the lives of our American Soldiers now serving in Iraq!
Our American Soldiers continue to be killed everyday as we Americans are being blamed for this violence against the Palestinian People by Ariel Sharon’s Policies; which condole the murder of innocent Palestinian Children like these two Palestinian boys were shot dead point blank by an Israeli Army Captain on May 4, 2005.
These Israeli undercover agents disguised as Arabs were filmed throwing stones at non violent peace demonstrations at their uniform colleagues; to give their uniformed colleagues a pretext to physically hurt many Jewish and Arab Peace Demonstrators by firing salt bullets and tear gas.
The sole incidents of violence against the Israeli Security Forces came from these Israeli undercover agents disguised as Arabs; throwing stones to sabotage the 28.04.05, peaceful demonstrations in order to trap and give the Uniform Israeli Security Force a pretext to physically harm many Jewish and Arab demonstrators by firing salt bullets and tear gas at them.
The very sad truth is, Riad Mohamad Yassin and Alian Ibrahim Ahmad Abu Rachme.the only two demonstrators who were arrested were trying to prevent these Israeli Soldiers disguised as Arabs from throwing stones at their Israeli Security Forces colleagues which was used by Israeli Security Force a pretext to attack the peaceful demonstrators.
Please read more below are several articles published by Israeli Gush Shalom Peace movement; About the Policies of Ariel Sharon's Government which continue to condone the Murder of Palestinian children and creat false acts of Palestinian violence by using their own Israeli undercover agents disguised as Arabs!

Press Conference on Bil'in Events

Following the brutal attack on the non-violent demonstration in Bil'in village on April 28, today (May 3) a press conference was called by the organizations that had taken part. Some dozen foreign correspondents attended the conference, which was held at the office of the Alternative Information Center in Jerusalem.

After Elan Frenkel (AIC) analysed the land grab in this area, Uri Avnery (Gush Shalom), Yonathan Pollack (Anarchists Against the Wall) and MK Gamal Zahalkeh (Balad) described in detail the events during the demonstration and pointed out that:

- The security forces had prepared in advance a trap for the demonstrators. One of the purposes was apparently to try out new methods of the Massada unit of the Prison Service as well as new weapons.

- The sole incidents of violence against the security forces came from the undercover agents of the Prison Service disguised as Arabs. It was pointed out that the Prison Service admitted the next day that its agents had indeed thrown the stones, and that this is their way of merging in the crowd.

- The use of "Arabized" undercover agents ("Mista'arvim") is designed to sow suspicion between Israeli and Palestinian peace activists and between the Palestinians themselves, in order to sabotage joint solidarity demonstrations. Every demonstrator can suspect the person next to him as an undercover agent.

- In the course of the demonstration it was apparent that for the Prison Service unit, which has never been used for such a purpose, this was a training exercise, and that it was trying out new methods.

- The officers present lied through their noses throughout the demonstration/ They promised to release the prisoners within 10 minutes after the ending of the demonstration. When the demonstrators dispersed, the prisoners were not released.

Sharon Dolev, one of the demonstrators hit by salt bullets, a registered nurse, showed the two wounds on her belly. Five days of the action, she still had black and red wounds. She complained of pains, and it seems that one of her ribs has been damaged.

During the conference, a documentary filmed by Shay Pollack and Imad … was shown. The film shows clearly that the security forces shot many dozens of gas grenades at the demonstrators without any provocation. The demonstrators were not violent at any stage.

In particular, the film shows how the undercover agents, who look in the beginning like ordinary demonstrators, suddenly take off their masks, don police caps and draw revolvers, using ferocious violence to arrest the persons next to them, for no apparent reasons. This, too, looks like a training exercise.

The foreign journalists posed many questions. Among other, they asked if such means were ever used against right-wing Israeli demonstrators. (The answer: No.)

MK Zahalkeh announced that he is calling for a meeting of the Knesset Committee for Internal Affairs to discus the grave events, and that he will demand the appointment of an official inquiry committee

I am an American Jew, and I have something to say to you.

Dear Mr. Mofaz:

Speaking as an American Jew, I call on you to hold all needed action, in order to bring about the immediate release of Riad Mohamad Yassin and Alian Ibrahim Ahmad Abu Rachme. These men were arrested on 28.04.05, during a non-violent demonstration against the separation wall at their village. The two were arrested after trying to prevent disguised Israeli soldiers from throwing stones at the Israeli security forces. These undercover soldiers were attempting to initiate violent reactions from Israeli soldiers. The exposure of the Israeli undercover soldiers, led to the arrest of the two men who were actually trying to stop the stone throwing, and prevent the violence. They are going to be charged with "assaulting a service provider".

As a Jew, and niece of an Auschwitz survivor, I feel this is an outrage, and a 'shonda' for us all. Is there no moral value that the Israeli government is not too ashamed to degrade? How much longer can you force Jews all over the world to suffer with the humiliation of your actions, and bear the guilt of your abuse of power? How much longer are you going to play 'clever' games that make a mockery of both international and Divine Law? How much longer, are you going to continue to alienate the rest of the world, incurring disdain and wrath toward Israel, and by association, toward all Jews?

Your actions do not create a safe or hopeful nation for Jews anywhere. If you actually care about our future, and our integrity as a 'people', you will behave in a way that is worthy of our 5,769 years of experience. I would expect, after this amount of time, some wisdom would be evidenced. However, I see nothing but a rather primitive and simple-minded approach to your affairs. I see you are busy recreating history, because you refuse to learn from it. I see you making a mockery of the entire history of the Jewish struggle, by behaving in ways that mimic those of it's oppressors.

I truly hope that you will at least take this action, to release these innocent human beings. Please begin to behave as 'Righteous Jews'. Thank you.

Rita Corriel

Killing Kids- a War Crime!

This was one of the slogans carried today (5.5) in a demonstration held opposite the Ministry of Defense in Tel-Aviv, as a spontaneous protest against yesterday's killing of two Palestinian boys, aged 14 and 15, in Beit-Lakiya village.

Only a few hours after it was decided to demonstrate, about 250 demonstrators - angry activists of Gush Shalom", Mahsom Watch", "Anarchists Against the Fence", the "Women's Coalition" and others - gathered in front of the ministry. The police did not interfere this time, even when the demonstrators started an illegal march trough the streets.

Among the slogans: "Put the Officer on Trial!", "Killing Causes Killing!", "Who is Breaking the Ceasefire?", "Sharon is No Partner!", "Children Should Neither Kill nor Be Killed!", "Democracy Cannot be Built on the Dead Bodies of Demonstrators!", The Wall Must Fall!"

The two Palestinian boys were shot by an army captain, who opened fire on juveniles who threw stones at the soldiers guarding the building of the Separation Fence on their land. The army announced that the officer has been suspended only from "operational duties".

At 1:47 PM, Anonymous Dr.Jack Shepard said...

Dr Jack Shepard said;




Marine Momma at 09:40 AM on May 9, 2005 said;

"To be saved, one must believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that He died on the cross for their sins, and rose 3 days later. If one accepts that truth and Jesus as their Lord and Savior, salvation is there and real. No other way gets one into Heaven."

Marine Momma; I am happy you have found Jesus' Love;

but it is not so easy as that, we all die someday, after we die God will judge each of us individually on our actions and deeds.

If we are Jews, Christians, or Muslims we are simplify judged by God on our actions and deeds.

Those who's actions and deeds are of one who was made for Heaven will go to Heaven.

Those who's actions and deeds are of one who was made for Hell will dwell in the fires of Hell forever and ever.

You are correct if you let Jesus into your heart and like St. Peter said for all practical purpose my actions are like those of Jesus you will for sure live forever and forever in Heaven.

But like you say;

"If one accepts that truth and Jesus as their Lord and Savior, salvation is there and real. No other way gets one into Heaven." but for example you go to church every Sunday, wear a large cross but secretly are for example a mafia hit man; do you really think even through you say you believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior that this Mafia hit man will get to heaven?

Wake up to reality, a group of people are Lost on an island each nicer and kinder then the next, only working to help each other survive. But all these people were lost on this island when they were still children they really never heard about Jesus or even God for that matter.

But they were so God fairing that everyone new good and bad but chose to do good. Everyone knew what was evil but an evil thought or action never even crossed their mind. These were all good people liking like Saints with only Love in their heart toward their neighbor.

Are you going to tell me that on their day of judgment; that Jesus talked so much about, their scales are full of only Good deeds, Love of their neighbor and a life time of kindness toward all others man and animal that you can even think they will not rewarded by God to dwell for ever and ever in heaven with Jesus and all the Prophets and all the Good people for this world who accepts that truth and Jesus as their Lord and Savior, salvation is there and real who for sure also are judge by God as deserving to live in Heaven forever and ever.

Accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior, salvation is there and real. gets one into Heaven, you are 100% correct but to say that there is" No other way "
when you think about just would not be correct or fair, there are good Jews and Bad Jews like Ariel Sharon and their are good Muslims and Bad Muslims like Lin Laden, their are Good Christians like Pope John Paul II who blessed me and their are bad Christians like the Mafia Boss of New York for example.

God has the choice of who go to heaven not you or me.

Their are many roads to Heaven, to get their all one has to do is do only things that are pleasing to God, the decision is his not ours.

May God Bless us with Peace

Dr. Jack Shepard, founder of People for Peace an inter-faith Prayer Group. Our goal is to pray for God to bless us all with peace and spread his love into everyone's hearts; by Blessing us today with peace and Love.We pray for everyone to have a change of heart and accept and reach out to our neighbors with Love not hate. So we all can live in peace and happiness like children of God.

join us at:

At 1:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am hoping you will share your story.
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At 1:48 PM, Blogger Admin said...

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At 3:25 PM, Blogger David Pakman said...

Hey, excellent website. A great Iraq resource is Deaths in Iraq. It breaks all of the casualties down by age, race, branch of the military, country, etc.


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